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Monday – Friday    9.00 am – 5:00 pm
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Clinic Location 1

Spire Cardiff Hospital, Pentwyn Road, Cardiff CF23 8XL, Wales.

Clinic Location 2

Cardiff Bay Hospital, Nuffield Health, Dunleavy Drive, Cardiff CF11 0SN, Wales

Clinic Location 3

Dunleavy Dr, Cardiff CF11 0SN, United Kingdom

About Us

Dr Rahul Guru – Consultant in Pain Medicine Dr Rahul Guru is a consultant in pain medicine and anaesthetics.

After finishing his medical degree from India, he moved to Ireland and completed his anaesthetic training over there. Following this he undertook fellowships in pain medicine in Ireland and England and obtained excellent training in this sub-speciality. Dr Guru has been awarded the Fellowship in Anaesthesia and Diploma in Pain Medicine from the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland and its Faculty of Pain Medicine respectively.

Dr Guru has led and been invoved in many research projects and published numerous articles in peer-reviewed medical journals. He regularly attends conferences and workshops to keep himself updated on the last advances in the field of pain medicine.

Conditions Treated

This is not an exhaustive list

Back Pain

Pelvic Pain

Neck Pain



Sports Injuries

Piriformis Syndrome

Diabetic Neuropathy

Neuropathic Pain



Cancer Pain

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Phantom Pain / Post Amputation Pain


Chronic Pain after surgery

Patients are advised to visit the website of the British Pain Society for further information on chronic pain and living with chronic pain. Our pain management is based on current evidence base and guidelines of the British Pain Society, Faculty of Pain Medicine, National Institute for Heath and Care Excellence (NICE) and International Association for the Study of Pain. Contact Us For More Information

Inspiring Stories!

I had back pain for many years. I was finding it difficult to do my job and perform daily activities. Even sleep was a problem. But after Dr Guru did the so call ablation procedure in my spine, my back pain has completely gone and I can lead a normal life now. Thank you vey much!


I had been suffering from pain after a stroke for many years. I had nearly lost hope. I was on numerous medicines. But Dr Guru introduced me to a new drug, tapentedol, which has reduced the pain quite a lot. It is not all gone but is much better and manageable.

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